Elevating Bakery

The Elevating Bakery is a stand-alone building located at a prime location Route National #1 in Gonaives, Haiti. It is on the property of the Elevating Haiti House and is a commercial bakery that launched in May, 2019. The business is cash-flow positive early on, and working to bring affordable bread to the community, and also generate income for the ECM Bread Program. The staff is learning to create even wider margins and plan for longer-term income for the business. The plan is to have the bakery creating jobs, and a growing income to support the ECM Bread Program over time. 9 jobs have been created for the bakery business, over 1000 rolls are being sold daily, and people looking to sell the rolls at local market is increasing with demand.


MAY 2019

Elevating Christian Ministries officially launches the bakery business. This is something placed in our hearts quite a while ago. It's encouraging to see God's continued faithfulness in this vision that was given to our team. This video represents so much. A sustainable bakery initiative born out of a deep need to care for kids in the schools, a desire provide jobs to those in the community, and a growing family of ECM supporters helping make these things possible.  Our Investment together is key, and sustainability is the goal.

The Bread Oven is serving all
Our ultimate goal? To create a sustainable model, helping as many people truly in need as we can.
— James Cammilleri (Co-Founder)

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