My Haiti Story - Afthab Zainudeen

Hi ECM family, my name is Afthab. I was born and raised Muslim in the country of Sri Lanka. Growing up, my parents always taught me the importance of treating people as you want to be treated. Something that my Mother always shared with me was that "charity begins at home." My first interaction with ECM was with the Executive Director, Mike Shipman, when we both were stranded in Atlanta airport. Mike had such a contagious excitement and positivity about the ECM vision. 

Since that moment, we have kept in-touch and become friends. Mike is always passing along updates on all the incredible projects ECM has been working on. After a year learning more about the ECM mission and achievements, I was moved and inspired by the impact and difference they were making in Haiti. I decided to go see for myself.

My time in Haiti really impressed many things on my heart. I would say that humanity is what brought me back to reality. I believe that God instilled in me one great lesson, by reminding me what he created us to do. What I believe all humans are created to do. To love and invest in people using the gifts that we have been given. I was able to see firsthand the Fighting Hunger & Feeding Hope that ECM was doing in Haiti using their gifts.  ECM is now one of many avenues in which I am able to use my gifts to help give hope.

Thinking back from the experiences, there is so much to do in Haiti and beyond. There are many countries that find themselves in similar situations. ECM is doing their part. We all need to do ours. I was excited to see ECM employing passionate Haitians making a difference in their own country by caring for children in rural schools. I believe we need to crawl before we walk, and that’s what I feel ECM is doing.

- Afthab Zainudee-
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Afthab Zainudeen