The Power Of YES

In 2015, Elevating Christian Ministries Founders, James & Sarah Camallieri said 'Yes' to begin their story of fighting Hunger and Feeding Hope. Their 'yes' was to take a trip to Haiti and nothing more. Fast forward three years, that 'Yes' grew into thousands of children fed daily and hundreds of people employed. Their hope is for others to activate their faith, not for ECM, but for themselves.  If you don't have an opportunity in front of you at the moment, we want to challenge you via social media and email starting June 1st (for 30 days) to do small things to challenge yourself and activate your faith!

Elevating Christian Ministries is saying yes because there is a saying in Haiti, “hungry bellies, have no ears.”   When a child is hungry, they are unable to learn. Every child deserves a meal and a chance to reach their God-given potential. We want you to find you're why and take that step to say YES! 

Will you say YES?