Canaan, Haiti

We have partnered with a local church to support building the first phase of a school and work to establish a sustainable income project that can help develop develop the community further.


July 2017

ECM was introduced to the project through Michael Rowley who had been a part of a mission to Canaan multiple times.  The church had the vision to start a local school in Sept of 2017


Aug 2017

Construction on the school began to finish the first 3 available classes for the school year.  The exterior and interior block walls were built around the existing temporary walls.


SEPT 2017

The first school year opens with 3 classrooms having been built.  Current needs include the supporting funds for school supplies and teacher salaries.

Left: Pastor Samedy, Michael Rowley, Josue Evo

Left: Pastor Samedy, Michael Rowley, Josue Evo


Pastor Samedy oversees the school with the help of a local youth leader Josue Evo.  Michael Rowley is supporting the effort with ECM and has traveled multiple times to support the ministry in Canaan, Haiti. 

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Canaan, Haiti