Gonaïves Operation Center



July 2018

JULY 2018

July has been an exciting month in Gonaïves! ECM has broken ground on a new facility, Gonaïves Operations Center. This center will be a versatile space that will serve many purposes that are all key to the employment of Haitians and feeding children. It will be a space to store inventory, park vehicles, raise chickens for local businesses, and a manufacturing facility for concrete blocks. Already, many Haitians have been instrumental in the construction of the center. Patrick, ECM’s Haitian Director, oversees the concrete block machine project,  the training, and production of the blocks.  Pastor Simon, oversees the construction of the foundation, wall, gates, and security. He is also working closely with the masons, laborers, and contractors. Damus, Dieulires, Wilner, and Jean are employed to build the foundation of the Operations Center. Maurilus, Saintober, Jerode, and Ludanio are employed to construct the walls for the center. Sainvil, Docima, and Alisner are employed to build the shade structure to serve as a roof over the concrete block machine. Veus and Derival are employed to provide security to this project. 

With the employment of 13 Haitians in the Gonaïves Operations Center, Elevating Christian Ministries is directly impacting the Haitian community as their employment stimulates the local economy and their families and loved ones. 


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