Our scope of support in Haiti has widened significantly in a very short time. Here are a few of the projects we have helped develop.

Los Cohabos, Haiti

Started a local jewelry business to create a sustainable income for the school of 200 children.


Terre Nueve, Haiti

Started a local grinding business, and partnered with the Mayor to support the local economy through a market store front.


puilboreau, Haiti

Put a new roof on the church, repaired a diesel grind mill to help re-start a local business, building a bread oven and kitchen to feed the school children.

Canaan, Haiti

Partnered with a local church to support building the first phase of a school and work to establish a sustainable income project that can help develop develop the community further.

Photo May 25.jpeg

Drouin, Haiti

Built a new church and school, installed solar panels, and built a bread oven and program to feed more than 120 children.



Saint Martin, Haiti

Repaired a well and equipped it with solar panels, constructed a bread oven that provides food for 500 children, and provided a motorcycle for Pastor Roger and his wife.



Passerine, Haiti

Built a new school and courtyard planted with trees to provide shade, built a bread oven and kitchen that feeds 475 kids, and provided a motorcycle for Pastor Ronelle.