Patrick Delice


Patrick is passionate about serving children on Haiti and empowering those who cannot help themselves. We were introduced to Patrick through our friends at the Hand and Feet Project late in 2017. He joined the ECM team early in 2018 as the director of operations on the ground in Haiti. He has been an unmeasurable asset to our team.

He has the natural gift to lead those around him and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He attended college at College Catherine Flon in Carrefour, Haiti but more importantly is continuing his education every day while impacting Haiti one day at a time. Patrick is humble, fierce, hardworking, and continues to see the vision through.


Arland Cajuste


Arland has a beautiful way of listening and responding to the needs he hears.  He is hardworking, persistent, and has a deep passion for seeing people experience the hope that Jesus can bring. His love for those who cannot help themselves is unmatched! 

Arland lives in Gressier, Haiti with his wife Jed Sandrah and his five-year-old son Jedly.

He is leading and responsible for training bakers, supply chain, quality control, and program development.  His influence and leadership stretch all throughout the country. His ability to operate and drive the feeding program has been a blessing to thousands of hungry bellies! 



VaNessa Elisca


Vanessa's heart for Haiti comes from a deep understanding of what it is like to suffer and experience poverty. She lost her father at a young age to a terrible accident but allowed her life experiences to build character. She graduated from the University of Port-au-Prince with an accounting and business degree and decided to apply those skills to help people in need. She has been an immense support to the daily operations in Haiti. Her dedication and integrity to the mission come from personal conviction to fight for a better life for those that need it the most. 


WESNER Clerveaux


Wesner began baking in a small village in one of the first locations when ECM started the Bread Program. He has developed into a manager who trains, delivers, and maintains the bread quality in the locations in the north of Haiti surrounding Gonaives. He and his wife now live in the city with their young son and support ECM in various ways. Wesner can often be found at the Elevating Haiti House and Bakery where he grinds wheat, working with supplies, or out riding a 3 wheel moto for delivery. Wesner has been instrumental in learning and strengthening the logistics needed to bake fresh bread at many locations and is known to always carry a smile along with it! 


Jenereau Sainfat


Jeannot is an educated lawyer, agronomist, educator, and pastor in the village of Puilboreau. His dedication to leading change in his community shows in the leadership he brings to the community he serves. Jeannot has made many personal sacrifices to better his community and grow the church in the remote village of Puilboreau. For over 14 years he invested in the small church building and started the school which met in during the week.  He has personally contributed financially for much of the school for years, including the teachers pay and necessary supplies. This has allowed the now 165+ children in the school to receive an education when they otherwise would not have received one. He has also gathered local resources and started a Grind Mill business in hopes to bring funds back into the community to develop it. It is leaders like him that are making an impact every day with the vision of sustainability for generations ahead.  He takes steps of faith every day in Haiti as he travels to multiple jobs, leads in the community and church, and grows his family. It’s leaders like him that inspire, put their faith in action, and bring the Hope of Christ to Haiti.


Simon Romain


Simone is one of our most influential leaders on the ground in Haiti is Simon Romain. He is a trained educator and serves the village of Terre Nueve as a Pastor and School Director. He has attended seminary classes and continues with local pastoral training quarterly throughout the year. He also is working to develop a regional income project.  He provides for his family through teaching while balancing ministry in 3 remote locations across the region. Terre Nueve, Gonaives, and Sarasin. He and his wife invest person capital into the projects from their full-time jobs in education.  He is now traveling three days a week to the various location, often staying overnight in remote areas to be ready to serve the following day.  His only method of transport is the motorcycle that ECM has provided and TapTap for longer trips.