Mare-Bizoton is a remote village high in the top of the mountains north-west outside of Port-au-Prince. This location is very remote and nearly impossible to navigate when the rain comes. The supply chain of baking ingredients proves challenging to deliver regularly. Therefore the strategy has adapted and remains unique in that more supplies are kept on hand in case the supply chain to this location becomes interrupted.


April 2018

We met Admè; he is our newest baker to join the team. He leads baking at our latest completed bread oven in Haiti. Active in the local church for many years, He has been entrusted to lead the bread oven project in Mare-Bizoton by Pastor Lusson Estiverne at the church where the bread oven is located. Pastor Lusson speaks very highly of Admè and expresses his thankfulness that he feels free to focus on pastoring the church community as Admè carries the responsibility of the feeding program very well.  Patrick Delice, our Haiti Operations Director, has expressed after just a couple of weeks baking for the first time, he is already training up new bakers around him to grow the feeding program in their village

This bread oven is currently baking bread to feed 45 children every day and is not fully funded through the year. 


June 2018

Because of financial contribubutions we have been able to increase the production of bread to feed 120 children a month in Mare-Bizoton.


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