“Educating the local community on dry-toilet construction techniques can have a long lasting impact in a community that now suffers from econimic, health, and environmental challenges.”
— Joanna Torres, ECM Partner (Oficina Designs)

Solving Sanitation with Zumapoop

How do you use a toilet without water?
Zumapoop provides sustainable hygiene practices for the children of Moctezuma, an informal community in the suburbs of Oaxaca, Mexico that lacks water and sewage infrastructure.

This social project is composed of 2 parts:

1) an educational program about hygiene habits tailored specifically for children.

2) the design and construction of sustainable children-centric dry-toilets and hand-washing units, with community participation.


The dry-toilets built by Zumapoop will directly benefit 30 people, kids and adults, who frequent la casita every day, and many of which have no restroom in their own home. The dry-toilets require no water, in a region with limited water supplies and sewage infrastructure; dry-toilets and rainwater harvesting present the best design option.

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The model works.
The results are powerful. And it’s sustainable.