My Haiti Story - Greg Ross

“I would love to visit America, but I don’t want to live there.  There are a lot of difficulties here, but Haiti is my home. I want to help fix the problems; I want to be part of the solution.  ECM is giving me an opportunity to do that.”

Her simple sentiments ring in my ears weeks after my trip.  Those words, offered by one of ECM’s national staff members, have staying power because they illustrate a couple of profound truths and summarize the essence of my Haiti experience…

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Greg Ross
My Haiti Story- Jake Fabry (VLOG)

“My Goodness is not defined by circumstances, I’m good because I’m good , I’m good because I give you breath , I’m good because not only did you see what you saw but you were a representation of My goodness to that little girl . As you reached down to her and you gave her a moment of joy and a moment of love and a moment of Jesus “

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My Haiti Story - Afthab Zainudeen

What I believe all humans are created to do. To love and invest in people using the gifts that we have been given. I was able to see firsthand the Fighting Hunger & Feeding Hope that ECM was doing in Haiti using their gifts. 

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Afthab Zainudeen
My Haiti Story - Kristina Cammilleri-Smith

“In pain from sores and hungry bellies? Yet every time I allowed myself to wander to these thoughts, God immediately reminded me that even the Son of God was afraid and hungry. That we are all afraid at times. But God who is rich in mercy, LOVES us. Every one of us. He hears their cries just as He hears mine, and that my friend, is a joy unspeakable. He is no respecter of persons, and I am completely humbled and grateful for this lesson in love.”

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My Haiti Story-Gabrielle Chapin

I experienced Him through worship in a language I didn’t understand, I experienced Him in the incredible joy people had when you expect much less, I experienced Him in the pure beauty of creation itself. God shows Himself in mighty ways and sometimes that takes a bit of breaking and hard lessons but He’s there and He’s moving. 

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