15,000 Meals Campaign

This December we are excited to bring out a special holiday promotion in partnership with select local Burger King locations. To support our efforts in Haiti, we will be offering BK fundraiser coupons and savings cards. Each $10 card sold will raise the funds to feed a child in need for three months! The promotion will run until December 31st. Locations include Greece Ridge Mall, Eastview Mall, Marketplace Mall, Humboldt Street, Farmington NY, Hamburg NY, Medina NY, Leroy NY, and Albion.

Though there have been many efforts to assist the people of Haiti, malnutrition, a crisis of sanitation, and educational and economic stagnation persist. We have made amazing progress in Haiti this year and are looking to continue our work.

By the end of 2017, ECM will be feeding seven thousand kids daily. We will have 15 bread ovens across Haiti providing nutritious meals. Three schools will be funded providing education for 500 children and we will be directly employing twenty five Haitians; indirectly supporting 250 Haitians. Though we are extremely proud of the work we have accomplished so far, we have only reached the tip of the iceberg.

According to the World Food Program:

-          1 in 5 children suffer from malnutrition, stunting their growth

-          1 in 10 children are severely malnourished, threatening their lives

-          Haiti is the poorest country in the Northern Hemisphere and 60% live on less than $2 per day

-          50% of urban Haitians are unemployed

This promotion will help us reach our next goals of feeding 15,000 daily, building an additional 15 bread ovens for a total of 30, and employing an additional 25 Haitians to impact over 500 Haitians and help grow the local Haitian economy. We need your help to lift up our brothers and sisters in Haiti by encouraging sustainability and helping to provide vital nutrition.