Statistics Tell Half of the Story

Haiti, with a growing population of more than 11 million, has been called the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest countries in the developing world. Today, Haiti faces many difficult challenges. Poverty and malnutrition are rampant across the country. Haitians have the lowest caloric intake in all of the Americas. This has led to many chronic and often even fatal diseases. Alarming facts highlight the problems most Haitians face daily.

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10 Statistics About Haiti

  1. Two out of three Haitian natives live on less than $2 dollars per day. (World Bank 2012)
  2. Haiti has a population of close to 11 million.  Out of 11 million, 2.5 million live in extreme poverty. (World Bank 2013)
  3. An alarming 33% of children are afflicted by stunted growth from inadequate nutrition, and therefore irreversibly short for their age.   (World Food Programme 2015)
  4. Only 25% of the population have adequate sanitation.(World Food Programme 2015)
  5. Less than 50% of the population has access to safe drinking water. (World Food Programme 2015)
  6. One-third of Haitian women and children are anemic. (World Food Programme 2015)
  7. Haiti not only fails to produce enough food for their country but imports 80% of its main staple, rice. (World Food Programme 2017)
  8. Two-thirds of the labor force do not have jobs. (CIA Factbook 2014)
  9. An estimated 1 in 285 births will result in the mother’s death. This is 16 times higher than the rate in the United States. (Partners in Health 2014)
  10. Only 1 in 2 Haitian children attend school. Of that, 30% enrolled in primary schooling will not finish third grade and 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. (World Bank 2013)

But statistics don't tell the whole story.  

The greatest asset of Haiti goes far beyond the numbers.  It is the people of Haiti.  We choose to empower and invest in her people rather than objectify and bring our own first-world solutions.    Haiti has one of the most open economies in the Carribean, with emerging markets in agriculture, manufacturing, and construction.  Matched with the strong mindset of entrepreneurship - the sky is the limit in Haiti.

Haiti is hungry for that change.  Though challenges persist, we are reminded that nothing worth while comes without sacrifice and patience.  It is with deliberate investment that we will begin to see the statistics change.  

Together, we can help bring about that change.

Partner with us as we not only help the people of Haiti, but come alongside to empower them in their opportunity, and discover the Hope of Christ that can change the nation.