My Unforeseen Experience In Haiti

I recently took a trip to Haiti with Elevating Christian Ministries. I knew going into this trip the types of conditions I would see, knowing Haiti is an extremely poor, third world country without the conveniences of everyday life we Americans have.

Upon arriving in Haiti I was shocked to discover how beautiful this place really was. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Yes, poverty was everywhere but the poverty was a part of their everyday life. It was evident that their hearts were filled with joy and their lives were content with what little they had.

During our journey, I observed children playing with a small yellow foam ball in the river. They did not need a tablet or phone to fill their day. They were just kids being kids, enjoying each other’s company.

I watched young men take pride in washing and cleaning their mopeds in the river, most likely because the mopeds were not only transportation for them but a way to make a living.

I saw children that did not care about the latest fidget spinner craze. They only wanted water to satisfy their thirst.  These children walked with buckets or empty milk cartons to collect water for their family each and every day.

These are only a few of the powerful recollections I will hold on to for the rest of my life. I was blessed to observe a culture that through its hardship has proven to be resilient and like nature finds a way to survive.  Elevating Christian Ministry will help the Haitian culture rise up by instilling The Gospel into the minds of children as well as giving the men and women the tools to help them build their towns and villages with pride.  I am grateful and blessed to have been a part of the trip this past May and look forward to returning with the ministry in the near future.