How We Are Helping Pouiliboro, Solving One Problem At a Time

Several months ago, Pastor Jenereau of Pouiliboro reached out to us. He informed us of the hardships that the village was experiencing.  His letter is below.

We have since built a roof over the building and are starting a Grind Mill Business to help support the school and church.
— Mike Shipman


Dear Brothers,

Following the spiritual concert at Le Domaine Complex of Gonaives last November 11, 2016, the commitee of The Community School of Puilboreau would like to express its gratitude to you for the multiple ways, however difficult and important, that you have helped the Haitian community (or population), especially in the evangelical and education field. We take the opportunity to ask you in partnership for the above mentioned school, which is being run under some very difficult situations since its inception in October 1997 to this day. The school has an attendence of 107 students: 58 girls and 59 boys.

The school was founded by the Community Development Organization of Puilboreau (ODCP), which main goal was to contribute to the intellectual education of disadvantaged children in the community who could not afford to attend school. Back then, there were only two (private) schools in this area: One Adventist and one Presbyteral. A community school was a necessity to the community. In order for the school to function, the members of the organization and the parents agreed to contribute to pay the teachers. In addition, the organization had built a maize mill (a machine to turn corn into cornmill (??)) to help feed the children of the school, reinforced by the Free Universal Mandatory School Program (PSUGO) in 2012. The school is currently facing extreme difficulities due to the area being constantly hit by natuarl disasters, such as hurricanes and droughts. There are pos-harvest losses, livestock losses, which affect the parents' ability to pay the school fees for their children. The worst happened about two years ago when the PSUGO (SN: the free mandatory program) stopped contributing. As a result, the school committee now has a 13-month debt to each teacher. Faced with this situation, the committee deemed it necessary to ask you for a partnership to see how you can help it keep the school running. 

With the hope of a positive outcome to this request, please receive the committe's sincere gratitude and salutations.