Strong Like a Hurricane


It has been a long week watching Hurricane Irma batter the Caribbean Islands.  But there is a silver lining.  Despite widespread damage, Haiti was relatively spared in its path.  

When you see the everyday living conditions for many rural communities in Haiti you realize that any kind of severe storm could have a disastrous effect on already difficult living conditions.


As the storm approached, the Pastors and leaders that work with Elevating Christian Ministries sprung into action to use the resources they had to respond to local needs.  They took immediate action to invite those in most severe living conditions to use the churches and schools for shelter.  Many were elderly and families who had compromised shelters - so extra food supplies were purchased and distributed in anticipation of the storm.

Many began to prepare prior to the storm.  As market demand for essentials (food, water, etc) increased, so did the cost.   

Through the generous gifts of Rhonda Such and Danene Etz gifts were given to help supply the most insecure with emergency food supplies and tarps for increased shelter.  Thank you to all who prayed and supported to ensure that Haiti was prepared and supported through the storm.  

Thank you for taking action!

We are pleased to report that most of the communities ECM works with in Haiti sustained little to no damage from the storm.

The Florida Keys are another story.

ECM is actively finding ways to serve those affected in the USA from Hurricane Irma.  Look for more information on how you can join in support of the effort to recover Florida from the effect of Hurricane Irma HERE

Do you see a need around you?  Take action.  

It’s in these moments where we see the power of Hope really shine.