Share the Love: Virtual Silent Auction

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful artistic community in Rochester. Rachel Cordaro is a local artist who is passionate about painting & crocheting. Her floral paintings have gained a following in Rochester and are featured in many boutiques throughout the city.

 “Rachel’s work . . . prioritizes outward beauty. Her flowers don’t attempt to reproduce physical reality; instead, they strive for a higher symbolic truth: our need for nature’s enchantments. She doesn’t paint with the delicate intricacy one might expect in floral art, but rather with broad, thick strokes and strong centers that carry a flare of confidence into the blossoms. Her paintings have no human subjects, yet they exude human personality: dramatic, shy, flirtatious, quiet, sassy, classy, and at times untamed. ”


As an impressionist style painter, she gains some of her inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh himself. “First and foremost, I think it is the vulnerability I gather from the life of the impressionist and post-impressionist artist. I could almost cry when I think of the grueling and unappreciated life some lead—dirt poor and peddling their masterpieces to the public, hoping for recognition or to sell their work. In a way, I find the life of an artist fascinating and brave. I can relate to their passion for color, nature and brush strokes. The more obvious reason I love Van Gogh is for his style of painting. His sunflowers have impacted me greatly. I love his daring yet poignant brushstroke and his use of bold earthy yellows, olive greens, and dreamy blues.”

Not only is Rachel passionate about art, she is also passionate about helping others. In fact, she will be joining us on our trip in February. Read more about taking a trip of your own here

Elevating Christian ministries is thrilled to announce that we have one of Rachel’s beautiful paintings up for an online silent auction. All proceeds will benefit our efforts locally, nationally, and globally. All you need to do to is fill out the form below!


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