Two new bread ovens!

This month has been gearing up to be one of our most exciting months yet! With the active support of one of our ministry business partners; Half United, together, we have completed the build of two new bread ovens in the mountainside territory of Canaan and the remote mountaintop village of Mare-Bizoton. Our Haitian director Patrick Delice has been investing his time with two new bakers in these locations, and we are excited to see how these locations develop and grow.

Over the last year Elevating Christian Ministries, our partners and you, have built 15 bread-ovens all across Haiti and continued to feed 5,000 children daily nutritional meals. Thank you so much for your financial support, keeping the conversations going and prayers as we continue to move the vision forward. 


The first new location we have completed construction on is in Canaan, Haiti.  A suburb of Croix-des-Bouquets and Thomazeau in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, by 2016 an estimated population of 200,000 is settling in the about 50 square kilometers vast territory,  we are thankful to have the opportunity to establish the first bread oven and the feeding of children in Canaan  There is much opportunity for growth in this region. The bread oven currently is feeding 48 children every day and is fully funded until the end of the year thanks to our partners at Half United.

 Ronald - Baker in Canaan, Haiti

Ronald - Baker in Canaan, Haiti

The Canaan bread oven project was established initially as a relationship with Pastor Samedy Roberson at the beginning of the year through a network of local pastors that one of our key leaders, Pastor Romain Simon is apart. He spoke highly of Pastor Samedy and worked together on a plan to bring a bread oven to their church and school to feed the children who attend. Pastor Samedy identified quickly a leader in his church who would carry the responsibility of baking each day for the children. He introduced us to Ronald 

New to the bread oven team, Ronald is finding his passion for baking bread and feeding children. He is excited and grateful to be employed. He is already making a difference in his community of Canaan and what he has been entrusted to withhold. Patrick Delice, our Haiti operations director, trained Ronald in the trade of baking bread, and with those new skills, he continues to serve his community faithfully every day. 


Meet Admè; he is our newest baker to join the team. He leads baking at our latest completed bread oven in Haiti. Active in the local church for many years, He has been entrusted to lead the bread oven project in Mare-Bizoton by Pastor Lusson Estiverne at the church where the bread oven is located. Pastor Lusson speaks very highly of Admè and expresses his thankfulness that he feels free to focus on pastoring the church community as Admè carries the responsibility of the feeding program very well.  Patrick Delice, our Haiti Operations Director, has expressed after just a couple of weeks baking for the first time, he is already training up new bakers around him to grow the feeding program in their village. 

 Admè Sederlio - Baker in Mare-Bizoton, Haiti

Admè Sederlio - Baker in Mare-Bizoton, Haiti

Mare-Bizoton is a remote village high in the top of the mountains north-west outside of Port-au-Prince. This location is very remote and nearly impossible to navigate when the rain comes. The supply chain of baking ingredients proves challenging to deliver regularly. Therefore the strategy has adapted and remains unique in that more supplies are kept on hand in case the supply chain to this location becomes interrupted. This bread oven is currently baking bread to feed 45 children every day and is not fully funded through the year. Will you support financially? 


My trip to Haiti was life changing and impacted me in so many ways that I will never forget. From personal experience, I would recommend this trip to just about anyone! All it takes is some faith, to say “yes”, and to trust Him with the rest!
— Gabriel Chapin

I remember little brown bodies covered in dust. Hungry. Thirsty. Tired from the sun. Naked. Shoeless. Parentless. Poor and needy. I remember the way the boys touched the white skin on my arms to see how it felt and how the girls ran their fingers through my hair followed by sweet little giggles. - love.

I remember my thoughts of how disgusting Haiti looked and felt yet at the same time it was so beautiful and my heart felt at home. I remember the dirt roads embedded with rocks. How each village smelled. The houses built with pride. Endless miles of mountains and ocean as far as my eyes could see. I could see Gods creation - love.

Oh, how the men and women worshipped their hearts out, and the sound of their ever so fervent prayers will be forever repeating in my mind. That was MY God they worshiped and prayed too.  I remember the language they spoke that I didn’t understand and how they didn’t understand mine, yet there was one language we fluently spoke - love. 

I remember the faces that quietly stared at me, while I stared back. I  could see their hearts loudly screaming for love.  Each face that I stared into the eyes of... my heart broke, but came to remembrance - to look at these people through the eyes of Christ. In those moments, my heart remembered the grace and power that saved me. I know redemption, and my heart aches for them to know it too. Oh to be chosen by grace that qualified someone like me to be called to just love! It will never be forgotten. - love.

My 'yes' was to was to get involved and see Haiti first hand. My trip was life-changing and showed me first hand God's unconditional love for us.  All it took was a little bit of faith for me to say 'yes' and to trust Him with the rest! What is your 'yes'?