First Steps

You never know what a day will hold - but you’ve got to love the ones that surprise you.  

This week we have leaders from the schools of our focus villages attending a Teacher Training seminar in Port au Prince.  We have partnered with Color of Hope who serves the schools of Haiti and invests in the teachers professional development and training.  See more of what they do here

Let me tell you about Pastor Simon.  

Pastor Simon

We invited him to come to the training knowing that it may be beneficial for him as he leads the school in Terre Nueve, Haiti as well as opening a new school outside Gonaives, Haiti in a community that has little access to education.  Leaving well before dawn, he travelled all the way from Terre Nueve, Haiti in the north of country to come down to the training.  It took considerable arrangements to make it all happen and at the end of the first day of class at 11pm I received this text from him.

pastor simon communication

Gratitude. Growth. Hope. 

Pastor Simon was inspired by the development he is receiving.  This is a big deal - its one of the first trainings that we have begun to implement with our leaders and to see this initial feedback is incredible.  This not only equips Pastor Simon, but he will take this back to his school Directors, who in turn work with their teachers and continue to invest the children of Haiti.  

This is what we mean by development.

We hope to see many more firsts like this - thank you for taking interest and helping us move it forward.  Celebrate this with me - spread the word of what whats happening and share this story!