In 2016, we discovered that charity and sustainability must work hand-in-hand.

It Started with Bread in Haiti

When we decided to help on a larger scale, I immediately thought about my mother. I was brought up in a house where my mom would buy wheat in buckets, and she would grind the wheat and bake bread every day. Breads made from fresh-ground ingredients contain every essential vitamin and nutrient that the human body needs. I knew we had to start by feeding these children and baking nutritous bread.
— James Cammilleri, Co-Founder of Elevating Christian Ministries

Our Mission

To be a Light for Jesus by breaking the cycle of poverty with income-generating projects.

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works
and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
— Matthew 5:16 (ESV)

How We Do It

We started by fighting hunger by feeding children in Haiti. This is just the beginning.

  • Fostering Nutrition

  • Facilitating Education

Building healthier communities through education, leadership, and sustainable support.  

  • Supporting Local Business Development

  • Providing Leadership and Training

When helping feels natural and easy, you’ve connected to your purpose.

  • Strengthening Community Organizations

  • Empowering Local Churches & Pastors

Wesner Baking.jpg
Through serving in Haiti, I’ve grown deeper in my faith and in my understanding what’s truly important in life and why we are here. My own expectations are being exceeded.
— Sarah Cammilleri, Co-Founder of Elevating Christian Ministries

What We've Achieved so far…

  • Feeding 5,000 children daily nutritional meals

  • Building Kitchens & Bread Ovens

  • Building of Schools and Church Buildings

  • Local Jewelry assembly facility and employment

  • Teacher training and support

  • Building local income through a commercial grinder business

  • Water Well Repair and Installation

  • Solar Energy Initiative in remote villages

  • Local church outreach programs

  • Pastoral support and training

Facilitating sustainable development means listening, and responding with support rather than a hand out.
— Michael Shipman, Executive Director of Elevating Christian Ministries