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Building Ovens

Building Ovens

Grinding the wheat berries and/or the local corn to make whole grain flour is the essential key to 100% live nutrition for the children in Haiti.  We provide the bread oven, the wheat berries or local corn and the baking supplies necessary to bake the bread.

Baking Bread

Baking Bread

Breads made from fresh-ground ingredients contain every essential vitamin and nutrient that the human body needs. There’s a saying in Haiti, “hungry bellies, have no ears.” When a child is hungry, they are unable to learn.  That’s when we decided we wanted to help on a larger scale.

Feeding Children

Feeding Children

Many schools in the Haiti only have enough funds to feed the children every other day. And school was often the only place where kids were fed at all.

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Employing Bakers

Having a stable economy in any society is key to development and sustainability. Employing bakers is key to feeding children, but also creates opporuntiy for entreprenureal efforts.


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Jenereau Sainfat is an educated lawyer, entrepreneur, and pastor in the village of Puilboreau. His dedication to leading change in his community shows in employing Haitians at his grain mill business. It is leaders like him that are making an impact every day with the vision of sustainability for generations ahead...