Join us on the journey to help Haiti end hunger

We help jumpstart entrepreneurial efforts in Haiti that lead to sustainable solutions to Haiti’s severe hunger problem.

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Fighting hunger by feeding hope

4.4 million people in Haiti don’t know if they will have a meal tomorrow. We exist to not only change the statistics, but to stop the flywheel that perpetuates food insecurity and severe hunger amongst Haitians.

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Three native bakers in Haiti smiling
fight hunger feed hope
fight hunger feed hope
fight hunger feed hope
Here’s how
we do it

Build healthy communities

elevating communities through Business & leadership development

Three-quarters of Haitians are unemployed or are doing whatever they can to make ends meet, with little support or education. For that reason, Elevating Christian Ministries focuses on facilitating sustainable development in Haitian communities through local business development and leadership training.

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elevating children by fostering nutrition at schools and churches

There’s a saying in Haiti, “hungry bellies, have no ears.”  When a child is hungry, they are unable to learn. We meet them where they are at by empowering Haitians to run programs at schools and churches that ensure that every child has a meal. The Elevating Bakeries–cashflow positive businesses–are located in various regions of Haiti. More and more jobs have been created for the bakery businesses and over 10,000 loaves are being sold daily.

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watch the cycle end

elevating hope when leaders take charge and build a new future

We can imagine a day in Haiti when organizations like ours may cease to exist. This can only happen when we see businesses in Haiti being sustained without outside assistance, when Haitians are feeding Haitians, and when a new future is being created on the local level. Then, and only then, will the cycle of poverty end.

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