Meet the Founders

In 2016, James and Sarah Cammilleri founded Elevating Christian Ministries — a non-profit organization with a mission to aid the hunger crisis in Haiti. By fostering nutrition and facilitating education, James and Sarah seek to elevate communities by providing sustainable support to help local business development.

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Learn to seize opportunities, live out your purpose, and leave behind a legacy

Do you have a hard time determining which opportunities are from God and which aren’t?
When life overwhelms us, very often our knee-jerk reaction to new opportunities is to say no. But if we’re not careful, we can inadvertently miss doors that God is opening for us.From their groundbreaking work in Haiti to operating dozens of for-profit franchises in the US, the Cammilleri’s take readers on an inside look behind what it takes to step out in faith and let God direct your steps.

A message from John C. Maxwell

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James and Sarah live and breathe a life of yes… they are never on the outside asking, ‘should we go in?’ They just get in the game.