Construction Project: New Building in Haiti

September 2, 2022

Construction is underway opening new opportunities in Haiti

Elevating Christian Ministries has built four bakeries and one chicken farm in Haiti. While all businesses in Haiti are operating by ECM, we must lease properties for use by the ministry. We ensure 100% of  income generated in Haiti stays in Haiti, going straight to the bread program. (Where we import 80,000+ pounds of wheat monthly to feed around 35,000 kids across the country.)

Landlords in Haiti tend to be overcome by greed. They see the growth of operations like ours and continue to raise the rents of their properties. This increases our overhead, decreases our margins, and restricts the impact of our programs. We have committed to constructing a new property. This will allow us to own and operate a building designed for Elevating Christian Ministries. This includes a bakery, programming area, restaurant, and a temporary living quarters for employees.

A bakery

Our organization is built upon hiring local bakers to produce fresh and nutritious bread for our feeding program. This new property will allow us to expand our operations, hire more bakers, and feed more children through our programs.

iLead Program area

One of the core programs we run in Haiti is our iLead program. iLead focuses on training and producing leaders in Haiti. For generations Haiti has endured a leadership crisis. This has resulted in leaders lacking the critical skills required for leading change in a difficult climate.

We're excited that this new building will allow us more programming for iLead. We will plan to grow the program and foster stronger leadership development in Haiti.

A restaurant

We are always looking for new business opportunities to jump start in Haiti. With this new property owned and operated by ECM, we will be able to open a new restaurant in Haiti that will create new revenue streams. Income generated from the restaurant will benefit Elevating Christian Ministries. It will also allow a vital hub for our community and staff.

A place to stay

It is common for employees to travel 2-3 hours from their homes to work at our bakeries. To lessen the burden, the second floor of the new property will include a living quarters to be used by our employees who travel from far away to work here.

We are beyond excited for this new opportunity for ECM. We aim to complete this project by January 2023, and we will share progress updates along the way!