Digging Deeper: Common Questions about Elevating Christian Ministries Answered

January 30, 2023

1. What is Elevating Christian Ministries?

Elevating Christian Ministries is a non-profit organization focused on transforming communities in Haiti through feeding programs, supporting local business development, and training up new leaders.

2. What sets Elevating Christian Ministries apart from other organizations supporting Haiti?

Elevating Christian Ministries takes a different approach by investing and offering support in Haiti’s economic development. We believe in offering support rather than just a handout. But at a deeper level, we offer hope for a better Haiti.

Our programs provide education and career opportunities in addition to feeding programs to create sustainability for the community. When times are tough, we lean in to support.

3. What inspired the founders to start Elevating Christian Ministries?

The inspiration came from our co-founder’s upbringing where his mother would bake fresh bread every day, which contains all essential vitamins and nutrients needed for the human body.

After “saying yes” to an opportunity to travel to Haiti, both James and Sarah Cammilleri saw that feeding the children in Haiti was a crucial step to transforming the community. This led to committing to Haiti through the establishment of Elevating Christian Ministries.

You can read more about their story in the book Living a Life of Yes.

4. Who leads Elevating Christian Ministries?

While Elevating Christian Ministries was founded by James and Sarah Cammilleri, the leadership team of Elevating Christian Ministries consists of local Haitian leaders who coordinate all efforts on the ground.

Having Haitians as our operating team is crucial to our mission of empowering and uplifting the people of Haiti. Our goal is to bring about lasting change in the community, and to do so, we must involve and empower the very people we serve.

By having a leadership team that is comprised of local leaders, we are able to tap into their knowledge, expertise, and cultural understanding. They know the challenges faced by their communities and are best equipped to identify solutions. Moreover, they can build trust and relationships with the people they serve, which is essential in creating a sustainable impact.

Working with local leaders also helps to build local ownership and promotes the idea of self-sufficiency. When local leaders take the lead and drive change in their communities, it empowers the community to take ownership of the initiatives and create lasting impact.

5. Why bread?

Grinding the wheat berries or the local corn to make whole grain flour is the essential key to 100% live nutrition for the children in Haiti.

We provide the bread oven, the wheat berries or local corn and the baking supplies necessary to bake the bread. We are also training and employing local bakers to facilitate the baking and distribution of the freshly baked bread.

This makes us different than most organizations. Most are putting a band-aid on the problem. We are bringing a solution to feeding children nutrition, but also providing a sustainable model that is empowering the Haitian people.

6. How can I get involved and support Elevating Christian Ministries?

You can support Elevating Christian Ministries by making a donation through our website at this link. Additionally, you can connect with us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to stay updated on our work.