Helping Families in Les Cayes Get Back on Their Feet

November 2, 2021

As you know,  on August 14th Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that crumbled homes and buildings and killed more than 1,200 people.

We communicated closely with our teams, and we were told that many people are living and sleeping in the streets, in empty fields, and in tents if possible. Bedsheets and cloths are the only thing shielding them from the intense sunlight and covering them from the rain. No kitchen access. No bathrooms. People are hungry, mourning, and many are still unable to locate loved ones.

Fortunately, organizations and people showed up to help – and we knew it was important to do our part.

Our response plan to offer relief for those effected in the #HaitiEarthquake in South of Haiti

After a thorough survey we made the decision to help 150 vulnerable families who we found lost everything they have following the earthquake. There are many areas which still don’t receive access to drinking water and have no assistance for meals. Many travel routes are damaged and make reaching specific areas difficult. We’ve selected two areas in Les Cayes to support with some basic necessities.

Target Location:
Les Cayes
We committed to provide:

  • Food
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushs
  • Soap
  • Drinking Water
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As you also have likely seen in headlines, there has been an increase in kidnappings this year – most recently 17 kidnapped missionaries in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

We have temporarily ceased operations at our bakery business and bread program in Port-au-Prince, until we are confident that it is safe to begin once again. As for the rest of our programs in Haiti, they are fully operational and it is safe to do business. We’ll keep you posted with updates as appropriate.