Meet Vanessa Elisca: Serving with Heart

June 7, 2023

Vanessa Elisca plays an integral role as the accountant at Elevating Christian Ministries. Her dedication ensures the smooth running of our operations in Haiti. She doesn't just crunch numbers; Vanessa forms a critical bridge among various stakeholders, connecting with the ECM director, school supervisors, bread program directors, and bakery managers. This ensures that ECM's mission is carried out effectively every day.

Vanessa's Calling to Serve

Vanessa's professional journey started at ECM - her first job. She brings an inspiring story of resilience and dedication to her role. Vanessa's desire to assist those in need began in her childhood, and it led her to ECM. Passionate about serving her community - children, schools, orphanages, and churches - Vanessa found a purpose-aligned role at ECM.

A Day with Vanessa

Vanessa's day starts with prayer, personal care, and a heartwarming family breakfast. Her workday revolves around coordinating with various ECM team members, meticulously recording data for weekly reports, visiting the Port-au-Prince Bakery, and sending timely updates to the founders. It's Vanessa's dedication and consistency that contribute significantly to the impact ECM creates every day.

Vanessa's Personal Motivation

Vanessa's commitment to ECM goes beyond professional. It's deeply personal. A difficult time in her life, when her family struggled to pay for her father's funeral in 2010, solidified her resolve to stand by her family and contribute positively to her community. Today, with her role at ECM, Vanessa is able to provide support to her family and uplift her community.

Vanessa's Vision for a Hopeful Future

When asked about her hope for the future, Vanessa's optimism is palpable. She envisions a promising future for Haiti, especially its new generation. Vanessa is excited to see more children have access to fresh wheat bread every day, more businesses taking root, more jobs being created, and increased participation of teachers.