The Elevating Bakeries Are Raising Haiti Up

October 27, 2021

In four regions in Haiti, Elevating Christian Ministries has constructed and developed bakeries that employ 43 bakers in Haiti and offer quality bread for sale to local markets (and feed 30,000+ children every single day!)

We often get asked – how do the bakeries play into your mission of feeding children? Yes, our mission is to feed children in Haiti… but what makes Elevating Christian Ministries different than other organizations is how we do it. Our vision is involves creating employment and economic development in Haiti through sustainable businesses.

What does that exactly mean? There are many organizations that distribute food, clothing, and necessities to families in need in Haiti. We asked the question: What happens afterwards? Our bakeries require competent staff, daily attention and devotion, and a huge amount of responsibility. By having four bakeries in Haiti, this allows dozens of jobs to be created that support real families and makes it possible for them to feed their families and achieve economic stability.

Continue reading below to learn about our four bakeries!

Ile a Vache Boulangerie

We are so grateful for the partnership with The Fathers House to help fund the expansion of the program in Ile a Vache, Haiti. Funds raised from the Hope Offering has provided the needed funds to feed an additional 2400 children at 10 schools, employing 8 more bakers. The funds have gone a long way - allowing ECM to hire a new local manager for the program, and all the materials for the program expansion.  This include the wheat and shipping from the USA, baking supplies, bakers salaries, transportation vehicles, training, and implementation of the Bread Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Gonaives Boulangerie

This bakery is on the property of the Elevating Haiti House and is a commercial bakery that launched in May 2019. The business has been cash-flow positive early on and is working to bring affordable bread to the community to generate income for the ECM Bread Program.

Les Cayes Boulangerie

Les Cayes is one of our newest bakeries and is working to bring affordable bread to the community to generate income for the ECM Bread Program.


Port Au Prince Boulangerie


The Elevating Bakeries play a key role in Elevating Christian Ministries work in Haiti. Our mission is to fight hunger and feed hope in Haiti, and we know that the most effective ministry happens once we step back and see change happen – and these bakeries do just that.